January inspection-


New Years Day (+1) slightly warmer than yesterday (New Years Day), we have about 7C so bit warmer than the minimum temperature to open the hives at 5C. 

We need to treat the bees with Oxacilic Acid to kill the Vorra Mites? Vorra are mites can only reproduce in a honey bee colony and they feed on the fats of the bee which weakens the bee. Weaken the bees, weaken the hive. Vorra are considered a major stress factor effecting the bee population.

Our Newtons of Bury bees are on the roof which do not help with one big rule of bee keeping – hives need to be accessible to make it easier for the regular visits and heavy listing.  Great for keeping the hives away from vermin and kids, terrible for easy access.

No sign of bees when we move towards the hive but it is winter.

One bee does then appears out of the hive, just the one but it is a good sign. 

We lift the hive head ** off, to find the feeder containing sugar solution that was placed on the crown board had lost its cap so there are floating dead bees in the sugar solution, not great a great start. Equipment needs to be used in its entirity, we will used an upended yoghurt pot to solve this issue I think.

This bit the torch on your phone is helpful – Crown Board off…and there they are, a cluster of bees, they have survived so far.

So we are moving fast to reduce the stress on the colony. Out comes the bleach bottle with a mixed Oxalic acid solution. We squirt down each frame. Ten frames, twelve gaps, 5ml squirt each gap, 60ml per hive for the first visit. We quickly but careful reconstruct the hive, slice an X in our fondant sugar pack and place the cut side on the crown board over one of the holes – job done.

So Vorra eggs take about 2 weeks to hatch, the plan is to retreat, the same process in two weeks, this will catch the hatching Vorra and kill them off.

Happy bees. Happy hive. Great honey. 


oxalic acid

Oxalic acid is a organic compound commonly found in the plant kingdom and in Europe we have made big strides in its use to control mites. 

We aren’t sure why it effects Vorra, a read up on the subject highlights that the acid vaporises and this causes problems with the respiration systems of the mites. What we do know is that using the right concentration and the right application it works. 




goal #1

We are aiming to introduce bee hives in a safe, sustainable and effective way to as many rented homes and businesses as possible.

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